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Seeds and plants ordered

I have ordered from Mr Fothergills (who seem to be a bit cheaper on average on veg seeds) these seeds.

For the new raised beds:
Runner Bean Painted Lady - this is the only runner bean I've ever grown really successfully, so I'm giving it another go. It's a heritage variety, and I think that may mean it's more resistant to the dreaded slugs

Squash (Butternut) Hercules F1
Radish Bright Lights
Beetroot Burpees Golden
- never tried golden beetroot before. Actually, never grown beetroot! Got to be worth a try.

Green Manure Phacelia Tanacetifolia - I don't normally bother with green manures, but this is a decorative one and I'm hoping to use it to keep the raised beds in order if i don't have time to use them at any point.

Peas Dwarf Sweet Green
Peas Delikett

not a huge fan of peas, but very young sweet ones are nice. Both of these are supposed to be edible pod and all when very young, and also the pea is a very sweet one, not the mealy sort.

Red Cabbage Kalibos
Leek Malabar
Pumpkin Aladdin F1
Turnip Aramis

For the greenhouse:

Aubergine Moneymaker F1
Cape Gooseberry Golden Berry
- I always do well with physalis in my greenhouse as long as I can keep the mildew down, and they are really expensive to buy, so well worth growing.
Lettuce Catalogna - this is a cut and come again variety, I'm hoping to grow it for a couple of months till it gets too hot in the greenhouse.  I'm not even going to try to grow lettuce outdoorswhere the slugs can get at it, I just don't think it will work for me.
Pepper Hamik

I may plant some of the radishes and turnips in the greenhouse as well if all goes well, for early / late crops of each.

And from Thompson Morgan, I have bought these plants:

1 bare root Aronia Berry : Viking
Aronia (black chokeberry) seems to be being launched as a new and trendy berry, it's supposed to be easy to grow, very tolerant of different soils, like it damp and between a cranberry and a blueberry in flavour. That description fits my garden, so I thought I'd give it a go in the area where the very old redcurrents used to be. Apparently it's also got very good autumn colour.

Kiwi Actinidia Arguta
This is not the usual species, but a relative which is supposedly much hardier, which has smaller bald fruits.  I had a go at growing these before, but I think I paid too much attention to the blurbs that stressed how tough the thing was supposed to be, and it died on me.   This time I'm going to give it a really well prepared bed and the sunniest spot in the garden.

The Extend the Season Collection of strawberries, which is 4 Alice, 4 Florence, and 4 Honeoye.  I have a mountain of strawberry runners from my old plants, but I thought it was worth trying some new varieties.
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