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In which the ex-strawberry patch is cleared.

I thought today when I got up to an enormous hailstorm followed by snow that our plans to attack the garden were foiled. But the clouds rolled away and by 10am it was one of those brilliant blue-sky winter days all full of birdsong.   Also, once I really started looking, a lot of the snowdrops are starting to show, they just are fairly small yet and seeming a bit shy.

Philmophlegm and I laid into the neglected area that used to be the strawberry patch. It's rather disturbing that we are now clearing areas that I've previously cleared and planted, but so it goes...

I have now ordered two 2m x 1m raised bed frames, which will fit neatly into that space.  I intend to fill them with all my leftover compost - I still have about half a heap of well rotted left, as well as the bulging 'rotting down' pile.

I'm thinking beans and peas for one of the raised beds (not huge numbers as we won't eat them, but I think we could probably get 3-4 plants of each in that space)

Then the other bed I'm thinking maybe strawberries again... I need to put the blueberry bushes somewhere, but it seems a waste to put them in the most-sunny-in-the-garden beds when I am so generously blessed with more shady areas. DARE I try basil outside again? Maybe decide once there is more evidence how wet it's going to be. I refuse to grow basil for the benefit of slugs.

I might do a potato barrel in that space too, there's just room. I rather fancy those nice blue heritage potatoes you can get.

Still on the to do list:
1) Attack the Raspberry Jungle. This has got seriously out of hand, canes are spreading everywhere! A severe disciplining is required.

2) Bramble Seek and Destroy mission - the eternal quest to remove bramble roots continues...

3) the Bonfire Zone - a burning is on the horizon, but only after 2 so I can burn all the evil roots. And then dance on the ashes...

4) Spreading the old Bonfire Zone. The top of the garden was too dominated by this, so I've moved it, but there is still a big heap of ashes where old bonfires came and went. I am hoping that if I can just rake this more or less flat, grass will grow over it and I can then just mow it and it will become a lawn.  It's got a great view, so it would be nice to actually be able to use the space. 

5) The Freeing of the Apple Trees.  My eating apple tree at the top of the garden has serious ivy problems and needs freeing, and the cooker is looking a bit oppressed as well: I think removing most of  a beech tree which is making a bid to escape being part of the hedge and become a monstrous tree will also help bring both those apples more light and air.   I think I might hack back the Plum Wood too, it makes a nice woodlandy area, but escaped plum rootstock does not make a lovely or a productive tree

6) Hedges.  Once again, the hedges are starting to reach for the skies.  I really need to attack them before they become strong and start ganging up on me.
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