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This morning, one of the French doors was open again. It was open yesterday, and I thought I must have not closed it properly after I let Footie out (Footie doesn't like to use the cat doors to go out, he prefers to find a door or window and shout until it opens).

I'm pretty sure that I did shut the door last night and lock it, because I doublechecked that I'd done it properly.  Also, the room was quite warm: it would surely have been colder if it had been open all night. But I left the key in the lock.

When I came down in the morning, one dog bounced about then raced out enthusiastically through the open door when I opened the curtains.  The other dog gave me a 'meh' face and settled down in his beanbag to wait for breakfast...

I think Az has learned how to turn the key.   I knew he could open the Yale lock on the front door, but usually he doesn't bother.  Obviously he feels he wants to pop out earlier than I am allowing. I may need to start getting up earlier.  And remove the key and put it on a high shelf! 
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