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New Oldies Club website

I have been beetling away updating the Oldies Club website to the latest Wordpress (which basically involves rebuilding all the custom bits, and putting a new theme on it that does new clever things.)

I think it's the hardest site I work on because it's so fast moving. Normally I can put a site on pause for 2-3 weeks while I do stuff to it, but because we have a constant stream of dogs coming in for listing, and a constant stream of people phoning to enquire, it's a real problem if there are dogs listed that have already been homed. We had 3 phonecalls yesterday about Sid the old labrador, and his entry had only been up about a day before he was adopted.

So that ties up the phone lines, which is a pain for the rehoming team, and then we have dogs awaiting listing and they aren't getting the enquiries because they aren't listed yet! Anyway, it's *almost* done. I need to just finish off the forms - I decided to leave those and launch the rest of it ASAP.

Anyway, here it is, hurray! http://www.oldies.org.uk/
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