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Dog insurance 2009

Last year I was somewhat horrified by Mollydog's insurance renewal at £280 (Axa), but eventually decided to pay it.

Today I have had Az's insurance renewal from Tesco. £471.12! And that's with a 5% discount!

Az is a lurcher, so should theoretically be cheaper to insure than Mollydog, as Az is a crossbreed and Mollydog has a pedigree. But then Molls is a year younger: Tesco are quoting based on Az being 10 years 3 months, though of course I don't have any proof of that.

I'm going to get a quote from Axa for Az (IF they'll take him, most companies don't let you switch once the dog is 8 or 9). If I can't get it down a bit, I'll look for something that just covers liability insurance and set up a savings account for him instead, and hope to have a few years more before he gets anything serious.

*edit - I checked Axa for Az, and by putting his excess up to £75 I got him down to £205 pa! That's more like it!
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