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I want kneepads!

Spend what seemed like most of yesterday in the loft, fixing the ***** fibre optic ceiling lights for the new bathroom. It is amazing how, after an hour or so, the relief you get from moving from a narrow rafter to a slightly wider piece of wood exceeds the joy produced by most everyday pleasures. I am still cramped all over from crouching over so as not to bump my head on the tarred paper stuff under the tiles.

Though in fact, I didn't spend the whole day in the loft because I did a good walk along the Lynher, and up to the Cadson Bury iron age hill fort. It is two hills over from Hingston Down (where the valiant Cornish were defeated by the villainous men of Wessex. Or possibly where noble King Egbert of Wessex overcame a dastardly confederation of Cornishmen and Viking mercenaries, depending). I have a (so far as I know wholly unsubstantiated) theory that the valiant (or villainous) Cornish rallied at Cadsonbury before marching East along the Tamar Valley to Hingston Down.
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