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Manky zombie cat

Perl has had a slightly inflamed eye for several days now, so I took her in to get it checked out today. The vet used a bright yellow-green dye to check for problems. Before, I had a cat with a reddish eye. Now I have an impressive zombielike cat which appears to be leaking green slime. Lovely.

Perl enjoyed visiting the vet, and purred loudly throughout. She seemed to consider it a confirmation of her Very Important status. Fortunately, the problem is not serious and she just needs some eye drops. I am hoping that she will consider eye drops to be another mark of her extreme Importance, and not object to them too strongly.



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19th Dec, 2008 18:57 (UTC)
Oh the vivid green eye drops- so familiar. Strangely the eye infection mog in our place is Magnus- you know the un-cooperative horror? He is actually co-operative when it comes to eyedrops. I just don't get it.
20th Dec, 2008 09:43 (UTC)
Poor Magnus!

Perl is our white-faced Tortie girl, so the drops looked particularly impressive leaking over her lovely clean white face!

I don't seem to have a Perl icon so have some Bungles as Yama Bungle is being a right PITA this morning and keeps leaping about and knocking things on the floor.
20th Dec, 2008 19:49 (UTC)
Glad to know someone enjoys a vet visit! I didn't think it was possible.

One of my former kitties, Cleo, used to purr very loudly at the vet. Unfortunately, it was a phenomena the vet referred to as 'nervous purring'. She was clearly not a happy camper at the time. And the purring kept her heart murmur from being diagnosed for a couple of years, as the vet couldn't get much out of the stethoscope but bzzzzzzz, bzzzzzz, bzzzzzzz....
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