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Car and Dogs

Car bit:
Today was probably the first time with the Saab that I have really missed the 4WD capabilities and able handling of the Impreza.   The road was very icy today.  The Impreza used to sail through that sort of thing, but the Saab showed a bit of a tendency to stagger sideways, even though its weight should really hold it down to some extent, and it certainly has big enough tires for grip. 

It also displayed a panicky little 'I am losing my grip!' icon.  I'm not sure what the point of that was, unless it meant that some clever piece of machinery was activated, but as I did slide gently into a hedge at one point, it can't be that clever.  Still, no harm was done.

So I have a horrible cold, but I still stagger out to walk the hounds because otherwise they would be sad and I would feel guilty.

Mollydog has a slight leg injury, but it's healing well so I didn't bandage it as vet says it needs to breathe now.

Out walking, we met some of Mollydog's distant relatives, and greeted them in a polite and sensible manner appropriate to my dogs that are, after all, now 9 and 10 years old.

Then we  met a mad bouncy pointer gentleman.  And Mollydog flirted relentlessly with the mad pointer and bounced and playbowed - and ripped the scab off her back leg.

And we were on the wrong side of the deepest muddy area on the whole hill, so I decided I'd better carry Mollydog over it to stop her getting mud in the wound. Even though I have a horrible cold and am weak as a kitten, I somehow hoist 29KG of greyhound into my arms and started to wade through the mud.

Unfortunately, I'd forgotten that Az finds it very amusing when I pick Mollydog up. He leaps and yips and laughs and tries to pull at her tail and legs. So he proceeded to do this in the midst of this young swamp, spraying liquid mud and pony poo in all directions.

When I put Molls down on the other side of the Slough of Despond, Az was still running about (covered in mud by this time) laughing his little head off. Aha! thinks Mollydog. Az is in a bouncy mood! I must play with him! So before I could grab her she shot off up the hill at top speed, then came down it even faster, pursued by Az. And both of them skidded sideways into the swamp.

Next time she can walk through the mud on her own paws. 


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