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I finally lost my cold

Enjoyed the plot, though I felt it was more like a feature length episode of Firefly rather than a standalone film. None the worse for that though: Firefly is fabulous.

I wondered if all cinemas showed the funny little intro from Joss Whedon, or was that something that was supposed to be only for the intro ('preview') night and our cinema was too dopy to change it? It must have rather baffled any 'normal' filmgoer that wasn't already a fan...

The camera-work really bothered me. This was the first film I've ever seen where there were such extended hand-held camera sequences that I got so nauseous that I actually had to leave the theatre. This was really because I didn't want to miss anything, so I didn't look away soon enough, but it backfired on me because then I really had to go and missed the Grand Denouement when they discovered the origin of the Reivers. Luckily Polo filled me in, but I shall have to watch it again. More carefully this time though. I felt we could have lived without the round and round and round thing on Miranda, and I would have been a lot happier without it.

It is kind of sad that we will now never discover the Shepherd's Mysterious Secret - though I think there was more than a hint that the destiny of the Assassin (did he even have a name?) might be something Shepherdlike. The Assassin was excellent, I thought.

Dratted washing machine died this weekend - I suspect the plumber who installed the new boiler of clonking it about rudely when he moved it to get at the pipes [insert expression of brooding fury]. The man made such a mess - we are still finding little bits of solder and copper pipe strewn in and outside the house - and he left the old boiler in a heap in the back garden rather than putting it tidily in the skip - I would put nothing past him. Can't prove it though so there is nothing to be done but curse and buy a new washing machine.

It is nice that nowadays they have to take away the old one when they bring a new one, as long as you ask. It probably doesn't encourage repair and recycling though. The old machine was the cheapest one you could buy in 1996, if I remember rightly. I am pretty sure the new one uses a lot less energy and water, so I suppose that is something.
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