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Something or other got me thinking about things that were Not Allowed when I was a small child.
I could only think of a few:
Do not cross the Busy Road To Go To the Sweet Shop On Your Own
This one was pretty comprehensively ignored, though I seem to recall that we did cross the busy road with considerable caution as a result, less because we were scared of being run over, so much as to avoid being spotted.  It was strange to revisit the area and discover that the Busy Road is in fact pretty much a quiet backwater with a 40MPH speed limit.

Do not Mess with Daddy's Saxophones.
The Crown Jewels of the household, to be handled only with permission, extreme caution and clean hands.

Don't put Your Knees on the Back of My Seat.
I failed to manage this many times.  Why they don't put a solid core into car seats so that anything pressing against the back can't be felt by the person sitting in the front is beyond me.  Though perhaps nowadays they do.  I've not tried it.

Do not Play with Matches
I can remember being told that one and thinking 'it had never occurred to me to play with matches! Matches, of course!  This ruling was undermined when my Dad taught me an important life skill: how to burn a match from one end to the other without burning your fingers.  He said that one day someone in a pub would bet me that I could not do it.  This has not yet happened, but I am still hopeful that one day it will.

Plus, the no matches rule is hard to enforce if , of  your various gas appliances, none of them have working ignition buttons, so you have matches everywhere and are constantly using them to light things.

Also, playing with matches resulted in pleasing small fires, which could be used to toast the marshmallow you bought from the sweet shop you weren't supposed to visit, on your way home, so you had eaten everything before it could be spotted.   Other sweets were proved to toast less successfully.  Refreshers, for example.  It's hard to get them on the stick, and then they just burn...

Oh: I remembered 3 more!:
Do not Take Bones From the Dog
Do Not Go Near the Dog When She Is In Bed
Do Not Mess With the Cat.

All of these, so far as I recall, were enforced firmly, but without excessive violence, by the animals involved.  Another animal-related dictum that doesn't really count as it's not a 'do not' was 'they don't belong to you, they belong to themselves'. Which is quite profound really.

I really really should do some work now.

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