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Broken update plus raincoats.

On Saturday, philmophlegm was sad because he had to go to Frankfurt on Sunday for work.  On Sunday, he was sadder, because he got the horrible bug that I had last week and could not go to Frankfurt after all.  I have now almost got over the bug. Hurray for me.

Az broke himself running through trees on sunday and is wandering around making tragic faces and limping.  I'm hoping it's just a bruise or a pulled muscle.

Mollydog, however, is in extremely loud and bouncy mode, and wants to go OWWWWT!!!.  I'm going to have to walk her in a minute.  I'm glad I bought my big new waterproof coat - I think it's supposed to be a riding coat but I don't care, it's great for walking dogs in the rain.  And the fog.  And the mud...

I must say, waxed cotton barbours are all very well, but if you need to go out and get soaked again and again and again, I'd much rather have a coat made out of modern fabric that doesn't weigh approximately one metric ton when wet, and that will dry out overnight even if you take it off and sling it  randomly in the porch in your rush to get back inside.  Plus I always kill the zips on Barbours. No doubt I will kill the zip on my new coat as well eventually, but as it only cost about 30 quid from the farm supply shop, I can always just replace it when I do.

Mollydog also has a new raincoat.  Mollydog has always been a bit of a nudist, but since we've had Az she has occasionally consented to wear a coat on wet blowy days as long as he is wearing one, so I thought it was worth a try.  It's a lightweight raincoat, I think one of the things she doesn't like about her waxed cotton thing is the weight of it.

Now to find out if Az wants to walk in the rain or stay in bed and rest his leg.

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