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Night of Bangs

Molls and Az threw a complete and unprecedented wobbly this evening.  We have had shaking and rolling of eyes and hiding under things (mostly Az) , we have had screaming and running about, we have had panting and drooling and shoving her head into my lap (Mollydog ). I have a suspicion that for one greyhoundy lady, Bonfire night *may* have become an evening when she can get away with behaviour that would normally be greeted with firm cries of 'MOLLYDOG! ENOUGH!'

I think it was partly because philmophlegm  was out earlier this evening and they thought he might be eaten by a Skary Bang. There was a lot of particularly excited screaming and leaping about when he came in.

Interestingly though, when he had got in and made himself some tea, they did not turn down what was left of his pate on toast. Hum.


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6th Nov, 2008 14:56 (UTC)
Once upon a time, my family acquired an Airedale on July 1st. Why do I remember the date after more than 30 years? Indempendence Day here is July 4th, and our next-door-neighbor had acquired various Scary Bangs with which to celebrate. They tested their new toys a few days early, and poor Sass nearly jumped out of her skin. She spent the first four days we had her in a shivering, quivering lump, mostly on my lap or my Dad's, or trying to crawl under my bed (the frame was too low for her to fit). Poor girl.
6th Nov, 2008 22:39 (UTC)
Oh dear, not the best introduction to a new home at all. :-(

Az the lurcher I think is genuinely scared, but I strongly suspect that Mollydog was just reacting to his fear: she never had a problem with fireworks or storms before we adopted him.
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