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Random things

... Met two enormously fat people walking their cocker spaniel this morning, seemingly for the first time ever.  Dog was pretty porky too, but oh, so pleased to be outside!   I hope they keep it up.

... Most of the shops are just starting to put up Christmas stuff, but one shop I passed had in one window a big poster warning people not to accidentally roast hedgehogs in their bonfires tomorrow, and in the other window, a furry toy robot with a sign round his neck saying 'I am lost, I was left in this shop.  Does anyone know where I belong?'  Shades of Bagpuss.

... I bought a delicious looking bun from the bakery for breakfast, and when they scanned it in I found that its name was a 'Lardy Slice'. No illusions there then!

... everything smells pleasantly of woodsmoke.

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