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An All Hallows Eve...

Braving the Ice Floes of Ottery St Mary, and the High Tides of The Devon Coast,  I ventured onto a train.  It's ages since I've been anywhere by train and I found it rather stressful on the way out.  I clearly need more practice though as it seemed easy on the way back....

Watched more cheesy horror films than I think I've watched in my entire life.  I like the period ones (even the very dubiously period ones) better than the 1960s ones.  Somehow it seems less irritating for people to be irritatingly stupid in period costume than in 1980's costume.  Which I suppose is now also period...

Astounded by the range of foods that can have pumpkin in.  And by the range of Halloween decorations available to the resolute and dedicated decorationophile...

A few pics : pix.clareassoc.co.uk/pix/thumbnails.php

Phimophlegm observes that although the hounds tend to ignore his commands when I am about, they were terribly well behaved and obedient when I vanished.  Presumably terrified that their other human would vanish too...



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3rd Nov, 2008 19:25 (UTC)
We didn't even get a chance to have pumpkin soup and I had no time to try the pumpkin cake recipe I have :-( If I do it again, I shall take the day before off as well. (Which should mean you wouldn't need to help out by sticking endless glow in the dark things round the house too :-D Thanks for your help with that and the pumpkin carving, it did look excellent!)

I also have more decorations now, thanks to the post-Halloween sales :-D Lindy was not impressed by my offering of a squeaky toy rat though. From the look on her face it tasted icky :-D
4th Nov, 2008 11:42 (UTC)
Hah, I'm not sure I rate your chances of removing a lot of those stick-on things, have you tried taking any of them off again yet? :-D
3rd Nov, 2008 21:39 (UTC)
I made Thai pumpkin soup last night, the recipe was meant to be Thai but MIL doesn't get on with spicy stuff so I left that out. Mind you instead of a kilo of pumpkin to roast and soupify I had 3:5:1 ratio of pumpkin, carrot & potato as we underestimated how much space would be taken up by seeds and stringy glop.

It was good, and lasted to tonight when we added herby dumplings.
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