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A boring post about tyres

Car serviced today. True to my plan to document anything that happens to my tyres, I am recording that the garage, without consulting me, replaced 3 of them - all, in fact, apart from the one that went flat at the White Horse this summer and had to be pumped up. Hum. I had actually planned to take myself to a tire shop next week and get all 4 replaced because I knew 3 were very worn and the other one was a bit ho-hum.

I can't decide if I am miffed because:
- the garage didnt' phone me before replacing them and it did after all cost an extra 200 quid
- they didn't allow me to choose what tyres I wanted!
- I had planned to replace the whole set together in one go
- the one they didn't replace is the dodgy one (which they would have known if they had phoned me)

or pleased because:
- they did actually choose a reasonable brand for the car
- the price was pretty good for decent tyres that size really, specially as they fitted and balanced them too.
- now I don't have to waste time taking the car to a tyre shop next week.
- the dodgy tyre does seem to have reformed its act recently, and it is quite new, so possibly just needed to settle down a bit to life on that wheel.
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