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Mollydog is sad

philmophlegm  is away for work for a couple of days.  He's been here for several weeks and working at home a lot, so Mollydog had got used to him being here.  She was most upset to get home and find he wasn't here.  She ran all round the house looking for him and crying,  and she has whinged intermittently most of this evening,  driving me mad! 

Tragically, the cats, whom pp loves much more than Molls, show no signs of having even noticed that he's not here.   This  probably carries some sort of rather depressing message about life and love....

In other news I made a veggie lasagne this evening that was jolly nice even though it only had one mozarella blob and a tiny bit of parmesan on it and was otherwise practically all vegetables.  Who'd a thunk.  Mmmmmmmmm.

and now I have been summoned from a perfectly nice hot bath by an unearthly howling, like that of a dog tied up in a barn and abandoned for days on end! Get a grip,  dog!

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