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Greenhouse toad and much trimming

I have carried out a 'bramble seek and destroy' mission in the front garden. And I have trimmed the overhanging hydrangea and used the flowers as a mulch.

And I have viciously pruned the grapevine, and the fig. The fig had one ripe fig on it, to my surprise. I've taken the rest off to give the tree a headstart next year, as it's really too cold for them to ripen now.

The dwarf pomegranite I grew from seed is in flower and looking good.

I shredded the clippings and used them as a mulch. Nice to be putting something that is the right size for shredding into the shredder, rather than a bunch of 'really too big but I think it will go' things.

Meanwhile, my mother bravely waded into the greenhouse, infested with mustard and a truly enormous scented geranium and filled a tubtrug and a garden sack with compostables. You could smell the geranium being trimmed right the other side of the house.... While she was in there, she found about 9999 snails, and a toad. I was tempted to leave the toad in there but I thought he might get hungry once all the plants and pests were removed. Also I want to wash the windows with Jeyes to reduce the chances of mildew next year, and he wouldn't like that. Toads have lovely eyes.

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