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Things I'm pretty sure I didn't actually see

My role as a walk on part in someone else's exciting fantasy epic continues.

- As I walked along between the river and the Iron Age  hill fort this evening, I saw a man in dark clothes sitting leaning up against a stump just off the path.  He turned his head to look at me.  "That's an odd place to sit" I thought, for the ground was wet and it was misty.   I looked away to check the dogs were not about to rush up at him, and when I looked back, he had disappeared.

- I turned up a path beside a small stream.  Floating along the stream was a three masted sailing ship about as tall as my thumb.  I saw it for about half a second then it was swept into an eddy and disappeared.

- Walking back along the road, I saw a very large greyish blue deer jump over a fence out of the corner of my eye.  I'm pretty sure that it was too big and the wrong colour to be real.

So far, so odd.  However, the thing that weirded me most was that when I was driving away afterwards in a nice warm car, surrounded by modern technology,  a bloke dressed like an oldfashioned gamekeeper raised a hand to wave at me in a very deliberate manner, then turned into a leaf and vanished.

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