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Yesterday, we planted 1000 bluebell bulbs.  Well, I say 'planted' - we soon worked out that putting them in individually was going to take far too long, but fortunately, the areas that I wanted to put them into didn't have anything else planted there, they had just gone to nettles in the absence of real planting.  So I removed the nettles, we scattered the bulbs, then stuck a mulch of compost over the top.  I fear that the compost will encourage any nettle roots that I missed, but with a bit of luck having to compete with bluebells will slow them down a bit. Bluebells seem to be quite good at blanketing out the opposition.

Today I'm going to try to get the daffodils and Star of Bethlehem in. There are only 300 of them, but on the other hand they probably need slightly more careful handling.

I really wish I could just take a week off and do gardening! There is so much to do out there: most of it is not whopping big jobs, but fitting it in is a right pain.  And the clocks going back will not help. *snarls*. I keep saying to myself I will do this when job X is out of the way, but there always seems to be another job X that needs dealing with urgently...  Oh well, it's all money!
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