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Visit to the Jurassic

We buggered off to Charmouth for a bit.  Charmouth seems to be in the process of falling into the sea.  The coast path on both sides had fallen off, and on Saturday there was a huge storm which washed loads of dark grey clay into the sea.  It didn't seem to put the surfers off though.  I never knew you could surf on the Channel.


We went to Portland too, where philmophlegm had cod with black pudding, which was amazing!   And I had oysters for the first time.  They were OK but to be honest, what with all the cream and cheese and bacon I'm not sure I could taste them.  They seemed pretty much like big mussels really.   *considers*.  I wonder what ammonites would have tasted like.  Mind you, they probably pre-date garlic...

The hounds are now flat out from excessive beach and generally far more Outside than they are used to.

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