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What I did on my holidays

Is partially documented in pictorial form here.

Though I'm not sure they really get across the full panoply of tentacled horrors, magnificent ruins, battles, skirmishes, alarming accents, period dress,  cunning plans and timetravel encountered. 

I vaguely remember that some one or other complained I take lots of pics but they are then never seen again, so I've also uploaded a handful from last year, and from Pellinor's Westeros campaign too.

I've just realised I didn't take any pics of Baccus drunkenly playing the baritone saxophone, which must be one of the enduring memories of the week. Nor did I take any pics of the carnage inflicted by the cats, who appeared to be intent on supplying the party with enough rodents to keep them going for days. :-(   Or the wren which mysteriously flew into the living room on Friday morning for no apparent reason.  Or of the various people who ignored my warnings about Feeding the Bungles With Your Fingers, and got perforated.
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