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Planting of the weeds

I have bought a selection of weeds that don't yet grow in my garden from Really Wild Flowers. Tomorrow, we will go weed-planting.

- Birdsfoot Trefoil - I love this plant! Its extreme yellowness is excellent.
- Cuckoo Flower - actually we do have some of this already, but I really like it and I think we have a great environment for it, so I'm hoping that adding more plants will boost things a bit.
- Black Knapweed. I'm not sure why we don't have this as it grows freely down the road, but I'm hoping that plug plants will give it a bit of a jumpstart.
- Devils Bit Scabious: I love this plant. It's soooo blue! I really hope it will take, though I'm a bit concerned it might be too shady for it in our garden.
- Betony. Pleasingly purple, and flowers June-Sept which is just the period we could do with some extra wildflowers.

All of these have been chosen as butterfly plants. We already have a good selection of common butterflies, but I'm hoping to encourage a wider range of species in future years.

We considered inviting my in-laws to 'help with the weeding' just to see their faces when they realised they would be planting, not pulling. But I'm not sure they'd really enjoy it... :-p
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