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Dog digestion

Well, hardly of general interest, but something I need to record somewhere I can find it again later, so

Molly has ongoing problems with 'the runs', which leave her depressed and tired (me too as we have to get up in the night so she can visit the garden). Have tried her on Arden Grange Chicken, Arden Grange Large Breeds, Burns Chicken and Royal Canin Large breeds. (Of these she definitely prefers the Arden Grange, which is good as it is hypoallergenic, free range, not tested on animals, and all those good things). I'm now thinking that it isn 't the dogfood that is upsetting her, but something else, possibly:

suspect #1 : Horrible stolen things from binbags, latest theft: old prawn bits.
suspect #2 : Horrible things she finds in the garden (snails, slugs, worms? Not sure as it is usually dark when I catch her eating them)
suspect #3 : Pigs ears
suspect #4 : Bonios
suspect #5 : rawhide chews (now tested and am pretty sure it isn't that as she has been chewing her Xmas chew all week with no apparent effect on digestion).

So far have tried treatments:
- starving for 24 hours - result: no visible impact on digestion, dog very depressed.
- boiled chicken & rice - result: very jealous cats, some improvement
- scrambled egg & rice - result: none visible: did I keep going long enough (3 meals)?
- live yoghurt - result: apparently very effective, but I'm not sure if this was just the timing. Have tried this twice so far.

She had a pigs ear today, and so far seems fine. No thefts today or yesterday, though I think she has just munched some snails.
Have discontinued the Bonios and have substituted with Arden Grange dog treats.

Jan 5 - OK, Pigs Ears is moving up to number one suspect after another Runs Episode (of course, more than one suspect may be guilty on different occasions, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't nicked anything from bins this year yet.)

I plan to give it another week then test another pigs ear. If the same result I shall have to chuck my big bag of piggylugs, oh, woe. We still have some cow's ears and bulls pizzles in reserve: will need to test these separately.

Have not yet begun testing Bonios (one food at a time!), but the hyperallergenic dog treats seem to be tastier and are definitely not causing upset, so we may just stick with them.

In other news: I have worked out how to get a note out of the didgeridoo I got for Christmas, but so far only *one* note. Hmm.
Spent some time agonising over new years resolutions, but was unable to decide on exact wording of any. Settled for 'be more decisive'.
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