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- Just over a week ago, we (as in, me and philmophlegm) went out to dinner in Looe, and selected pretty much at random, http://www.barclayhouse.co.uk/. Highly recommended. It had strange, faintly amusing signs of once having been a somewhat Basil Fawlty establishment, but nowadays is very nice indeed with remarkably good food. Special mention for the scallops on black pudding (WOW) and the belly of pork (Coo!)

- afterwards we walked into Looe, which seems to be a resort where, late at night, families of holidaymakers hang about on the quay, fishing for crabs. We ended up at a beach where some surely rather cold people were swimming in the dark, buoyed up by alcohol. Luckily they were not in very deep. At any rate, nobody screamed for rescue while we were there.

- Looe does not live up to its name at night, as all the toilets appear to close with the sun.

- Today I did another homecheck for Wiccaweys. Odd to do 2 for the same rescue, based in Northamptonshire, for homes in Cornwall. Must be the collie thing. Collies are big in the Westcountry. Collies and spaniels.

- Afterwards we (as in, me, philmophlegm and the Pointy Dogs) went for a walk on the South slopes of Caradon hill, an area we have not visited before. There were excellent mining ruins and mysterious hillocks and sandheaps, and, sadly, a tit on a motorbike riding irritatingly offroad. Brief discussion with philmophlegm whether the word 'titular' can be used to describe someone in the act of being a tit. Decided probably not. The moor was slightly besheeped but there was still plenty of room for Molls to hare about in the less sheepy zones. She was particularly full of beans, because:

- I have finally started Mollydog on painkillers for her bad leg. She is on Previcox, supposedly the NSAID with the least likelihood of side-effects in long term use. So far, this seems an unqualified success. She is definitely walking and running much more easily than in recent months and generally seems more cheerful.

- Az did less zooming. Last week he hurt his paw: then later he managed to open the wound slightly, and made something of a drama about it, insisting that I carry him all the way back to the car from halfway down Kit Hill. He felt like he was made of lead as I staggered back to the carpar with him, so I was somewhat miffed when we arrived back at the house, I opened the boot, and he hopped cheerfully out of the car and ran up the steps *without even limping!*

- this week I picked 4 ripe figs in one go. This is a record.

- I wonder why blueberries are imported from Canada or Poland when it appears that the UK has a superb climate and soil for blueberries.

- I have filled with Polyfilla the 10 holes that Mollydog dug in her bedroom wall for no obvious reason, overnight. And I have overpainted the Polyfilla. And I have bought a super tough scratchproof vinyl wallpaper, which I was unable to dig through with my fingernails in Focus. But I haven't put it up yet. (I had originally intended to tile that wall, but I thought tiles would look a bit strange on a bedroom wall, so I'm going to give this wallpaper a go. If she digs through it, I can always tile it later).
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