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Today it has been monumentally wet and rainy. A thick fog sat around our house all day, through which rain fell with varying enthusiasm. The roads, again, are washing away, not just where the roads have become worn, but also where they have been patched, and where springs have excitedly decided to pop up randomly through the tarmac. Rocks are rolling out of the banks because the soil can't hold them in place, it's so wet.

To cheer myself up, I have got out the photos I took when the sun came out earlier this week, to prove that not all the butterflies have washed away, and sorted through them. I do wonder where they go when it rains.

Red Admiral - there were 4 of them, but it's hard to photograph more than one at a time.

Small White (at least, I think this is a small white. It's hard to estimate the exact size of butterflies when they will insist on flapping about. Also this is a non-standard ones as it should have black dots on, apparently.



Speckled Wood butterfly

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