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Broken pets again

Ash bunny is doing generally OK, but her teeth have started to grow oddly. Local Vet says 'keep an eye on them' : thank you, I think I could have worked that out without paying you £20.

More usefully, my online rabbit contacts suggest that the back teeth may be overgrowing and forcing the front teeth sideways. Am considering another trip to Ivybridge Vet to get this checked out properly, though I don't think it's too urgent yet as she is eating well and the teeth are still biting on one another and wearing themselves down, if in a slightly odd way. It appears that this is a bit unusual to start at the age of 6 though.

Have started Mollydog on Previcox for her bad leg. Local Vet much more convincing as dog vet than as rabbit vet. I don't think that vet actually likes rabbits.

Mollydog is 29.5kg, which worried me slightly as her racing weight was only 25.5 kg. But the vet pleased me by saying she wasn't carrying much weight at all and was nice and muscly :-D. Az is 21.5KG, which I think is about a kilo more than he was last time. He is perhaps looking just a little chunky, but not too bad.

Yesterday evening's walk, Az cut his paw. This morning's walk (short, because of rain and bandaged paw) Mollydog got stung by a wasp. The wasp got stuck on her by the sting and could not pull out. I had to pull it off her!

It's a house of woe here this morning...



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13th Aug, 2008 11:42 (UTC)
I hope that Molly is OK. Twenty-odd years ago I was walking our Samoyed, George, who was stung by a wasp in the groin while lifting his leg on a wasp-favoured hedge. He managed to stagger home and then passed out, and was unconscious for several hours. He was stiff in one of his back legs from then on.
13th Aug, 2008 12:46 (UTC)
Ooo, that sounds nasty. The shoulder did swell a little, but she seems to be OK otherwise, so I hope that I managed to remove the wasp before too much sting was injected.

Though mind you, being unconscious for several hours is kind of normal for greyhounds, they are professional snoozers...

I just asked her 'Molly, are you asleep or unconscious' at which she lifted her head and gave me a look as if to say 'what are you, an idiot?' I conclude she is asleep. :-D
13th Aug, 2008 13:12 (UTC)
I hope you mashed the evil striped monster into unidentifiable smear patterns afterwards.
14th Aug, 2008 12:48 (UTC)
Poor broken pets :-( Hope they are feeling better today.
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