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In which a bedframe is almost delivered...

I have just been down to get a bedframe from a poor oppressed delivery driver. He drove into the middle of the village and then got stuck. Our village is usually very quiet, but it appears 11:30am is Village Rushhour - cars and vans appeared from all directions. Various people were summoned from their houses to shift their cars, everyone had an opinion on how he should get out again...

The postman said to me, despite all evidence to the contrary: "I knew it would be your fault"! I think I may have offended the postman by keeping the recycling bin in the porch and putting many of the things he delivers straight into it....

The Saab cheerfully swallowed the bedframe, as it swallows all large objects. Often I consider buying a smaller car, then something like this happens and I realise how handy it is to have a Whalecar.

To add to the poor delivery guy's woes, when they filled his lorry, they put my item right at the front, so he had to get out about 6 mattresses and stand them in the rain before he could get out my boxes. This caused several people to leap from their cars and volunteer to help mattress-wrangle, but he declined all assistance. He also declined my offer to stand at the back and signal to help him get round the corner, so I left him to it.

I wonder if he's still there? He seemed adamant that he would be unable to get out using any of the 3 lanes available to him, so he may be. Oh well, if he moves in longterm, at least he has plenty to sleep on...

UPDATE 12:00 - the postman has been by and says that the delivery driver has managed to unstick himself and has gone. Hurray!
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