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Few weekend photos of dogs & ponies

We (as in, me and the hounds) went over to Tavistock this weekend. It was a somewhat unsuccessful trip: I wanted a junction thingy for the lawnmower cable as I have mown over it in a deeply irritating manner. But Focus, as is the wont of Focus, did not have the required part. They NEVER have the thing you are looking for, unless you are looking for something like paint of any colour without a preference, or I dunno, nails but you don't care how long or what they are made of... Yet again, I returned home empty handed and ordered the part online that evening. Thank goodness for the Net...

Anyway, while we were there we did at least succeed in going for a walk and taking some photos, one of which seemed to call out to become an icon:

I took several of Az, but they all ended up looking almost exactly the same:

Yup, that's him. Big gormless grin...

We met some ponies. Mollydog was most concerned, because she is scared of ponies. Sometimes ponies like to chase dogs, and for some reason they particularly like to chase Mollydog.... But these didn't really seem to be in a chasing kind of mood. (Normally I am also a bit careful about Az around baby ponies, just in case they start bouncing about and he thinks they are a sort of deer. But these werent' doing a lot of bouncing. )
Dozy baby pony

More dozy sunny ponies:

Some of the ponies were watching cricket:

These ponies left before the end of the match. I don't know if their team was losing or something:

Mollydog was very pleased to leave the scary ponies behind:

She celebrated with a major zooming session

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