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Mighty rains

Did anyone else get the mighty rains on Weds or was it just us?  We had a lot.  I didn't realise how much till I ventured out in a lull in the evening and realised how much tarmac had been washed away on the roads.  We are going to be back to unsurfaced roads down here if this sort of thing  keeps up for the rest of the summer...

I walked along the Lynher,which is normally a clear stream about 6 inches deep, suitable for the cooling of a greyhound's toes.  It was about 3 foot deeper than normal, and running very fast - a river of angry chocolate with creamy wave topping.   We had to turn back, rather than do the normal circular walk, because the angry chocolate had eaten the path.

Today the sun came back briefly, but she has now left again and more rain is falling. I'm glad we are high up on the valley's sides.  I bet the people down on the Tamar have all their sandbags out.

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