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Without a camera...

Keep seeing things that I can't really photograph, but make very strking images, so I am going to start writing them down. At some point I might even try and paint some ofthem, though I'm terrible at painting people, so maybe not...

1) two fat old grumpy-looking men standing outside the pub in Gunnislake. One black, one white. White one had a fag, black one had a pint. Black one was balding, white one was wearing a faintly amusing faded cotton hat.  Both with huge bellies bulging nobly over their trousers (corduroy for the white one, grey suit trousers for the black one)

2) Very beautiful older blond woman in a long cream-coloured trenchcoat and a very elegant rainhat, with a little fat black Staffordshire bull terrier on a lead.  They had taken shelter from a sudden downpour, and i saw them through a mist of heavy rain. The little round dog had sat down and made a lovely fat round shape compared with the tall curved shape of the owner.  There was a faint air of woe about them.
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