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It isn't a...

I am amused to discover that the recruitment slogan for HM Prison services is:

"It isn't a prison without the people"

Surely this is a slogan that could be reused in many other situations where the positive slant is hard to find:

"It isn't a hellhole without the people"

"It isn't a massacre without the people"

Combine this with the logo of the Ministry of Justice, and I am forced to conclude I have somehow slipped into a darkly Gothic graphic novel of a world...


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26th Jun, 2008 21:05 (UTC)
Heh, I liked that. My variant would be, "Without the people -- something serious has gone wrong, for a prison."
27th Jun, 2008 11:24 (UTC)
Oh very good...
27th Jun, 2008 11:33 (UTC)
There are similar anecdotes / urban legends, but I believe this is the original, true, story -

Someone trying to make a phone call, and repeatedly getting no answer. Eventually goes through the operator, who gets the same (lack of) result.

Operator suggests, "As it's such a lovely day, perhaps they've all gone out."

Caller, "I hope not, it's Lincoln prison!"
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    Wow! We get huge aircraft carriers in Brooklyn occasionally but I have never shared the water with one.
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