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Strawberries and gardening

I observe that the Co-ops Elsanta strawberries (Herefordshire) are noticeably nicer than their Elsanta strawberries (Kent). None the less, I do wish they would sell something other than the Elsanta variety. Elsanta never seem to become very sweet. I suppose they like them because they are firm and don't bruise so easily.

My strawberry bed (NOT growing Elsanta) is choked with buttercups and red campion. It looks rather pretty, but is not productive! I am going to clear and replace with new plants, the old ones were about 6 years old, I think, so it's about time, and paying £4 for 2 punnets of Elsanta is a good motivation. Will use raised beds this time, I wonder if that will help me keep the weeds at bay.

This weekend I removed a lot of nettles and sprouts from old rhododendron stumps, and mulched over the top. I don't suppose the mulch will stop them, but with a bit of luck it will slow them down a bit. I used an old cotton rug as some of my mulch. Wish more of our rugs were cotton, I feel bad about chucking out polyester ones, but once they've become really manky there doesn't seem to be anything else you can do with polyester ones. On the other hand, they are easy to clean and stay unmanky longer than cotton or wool.

I also mowed all the lawns! Go me!

At this time of year we are normally overrun with osteospermums, but not this year.  They like it very open, I think I've let other things shade them too much.

The first raspberry has almost ripened, but not quite.   I ate an omelette yesterday with my oyster mushrooms in it, then soaked the straw in the hope of getting a second crop.  I think the mushrooms are better raw, to be honest, they had less flavour cooked, whereas uncooked they were bursting with mushroomy goodness.

I meant to work this weekend, but I haven't, and now I am tired and don't want to. I think I'll go and have a bath. I know I'm going to regret this tomorrow, but that's tomorrow, right...? It's hours away! It might never come!
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