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47 Dogs In Waiting Need Help,

Apologies to my friends for shameless PR-spam, but I really need to get this out to as many places as I can, so...

How many old dogs can one small rescue help?

Since the Oldies Club was set up three years ago, we have helped many old dogs find new homes - either with the help of our small but devoted band of foster carers, or by helping other rescues publicise their older dogs who otherwise might be passed by.
Dogs like Charlie, who came to us, bewildered and scared after his owner died and left him all alone, now settled with loving new owners.
Dogs like Max, who was handed into his local vet to be put to sleep because he was old, and had fleas, and bad teeth, which made him a bit smelly - all easily treated, and Max is now in a new home that appreciates him.

Now, we are at risk of becoming the victims of our own success. Across the country, people are turning to us looking for help for old dogs, many in desperate situations. We are asked to help dogs whose owners have died and that literally have nowhere to go, dogs whose loving owners have no choice but to part with them, and sadly, also, some dogs that have been let down by owners who have moved on to new things and no longer have space or time for their old companions.

The Oldies Club currently has 47 old dogs waiting for foster homes, and 18 dogs in foster homes. Every day we are contacted about yet more old dogs that desperately need our help, and every one of them has a sad story. Many of them are dogs that must go to homes with no other dogs or children, or that cannot be left alone for long periods, making it even harder for us to find willing and appropriate foster homes, or indeed permanent homes.

Most of these dogs are not neutered, many have conditions that require treatment before they will be healthy enough to be rehomed. At the very least, they will need to have a checkup and have their vaccinations brought up to date. All of this costs money.

How can you help?

Foster homes. We desperately need people who are able to take on the task of fostering an older dog. Our most urgent need is for foster homes without other dogs or cats, but if you don’t fit that description but are still interested in fostering an oldie, we’d love to hear from you on foster@oldies.org.uk.

Money. If we are to support the increasing stream of elderly dogs we are looking after, we desperately need more funds. If you can donate, you can be assured that every penny is desperately needed and will be much appreciated. We are entirely run by volunteers, and practically every penny we raise is spent directly on vet bills: what isn’t, is mostly spent on materials to help us tell the world about the old dogs and the homes they urgently need. We cannot take on new foster homes and help more dogs without funding.

Help! If you can’t donate right now, we also desperately need people for sponsored events, and responsible sensible volunteers who can run fundraising stalls or events for us. Any fundraising idea could help us with our ever-increasing vet bills. If you think you could help, please email f@oldies.org.uk, or to volunteer to help out with events, events@oldies.org.uk.

Adopt! Please take a look at our list of dogs in Oldies Club care and consider whether you could offer any of them a permanent and loving home. By doing this, you not only help that dog, but you will free up a foster space for another very needy animal. [Dogs In Oldies Club Care]

Tell the world! If you have read this and want to help, could you help us home one of our dogs by telling a friend or relative about them? Could you put up one of our posters at your veterinary surgery, pet shop, office, school or local library?

If you’ve been thinking of helping out, but haven’t quite got round to it yet, this would be a really, really good time to do so. 47 pairs of sad eyes are waiting for you to do something that will make a world of difference.
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