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Portmanteau post

- I really should have taken a day off and slept in preparation for Wightfrag. As it was, I think I was a bit dazed most of the time. But probably still less dazed than I would have been if I'd not been able to go and sleep in my tent. Nice to see lots of people not seen for a long time though.

- Trackmania is yet another game I can't play because it makes me seasick. Gamesick. Whatever.

- I proved yet again that my Quechua 2-second tent is remarkably waterproof and can withstand a lot of wind. But that the lack of a porch is a weakness, as when you open the door when it's raining, the wet door tends to flop into the tent. I think for the Oldies Club camping weekend approaching I will buy a slightly larger one with a porch.

- Az seemed to have had a good time with his dogsitter, Mollydog slightly less so. Both of them were worn out from much walking, and slept a lot the next day. I get the feeling dogsitter likes Az best. Poor Mollydog, nobody ever likes her best!

- Ash bunny still not right, but not obviously badly wrong either, exactly. Normally I would not want to keep a solo bunny nowadays, they do better in pairs, but am reluctant to add a friend when she may not hop on much longer.

- have decided to replace the 2 passionflowers by the greenhouse, which really need potting out, with 2 Multi Blue clematis. The passionflowers can be grown over the awkward heap of rooftiles that I want to cover.

- Giant thunderstorm today left roads strewn with pointy rocks. But I didn't get a puncture! Woohoo!

- brain has been erratic and disobedient this week. I have done a lot of random things in order to avoid doing more difficult/urgent things. Like this post, probably. Slap. Bad brain.

- Asthma has entirely left the building, having apparently handed over to large patch of eczema on one foot. Why only that foot? *mystery*

- read David Gemmell's first Troy book, Lord of the Silver Bow. Enjoyed it, it's well written with interesting likeable characters. Must buy the next 2 in the series.

I wish I knew the Troy legend in more detail, I think this moves away from the traditional telling quite a bit, but I don't know the first bit well enough to be sure. May have to read a Ladybird Book to get the main features of the 'official' version.

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