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The grape vine

I have pruned it. I'm pretty sure it's completely the wrong time of year for that, but it's started to get flower buds in the straggly bits on top, and I could see if I left it another week or so it would have all its grapes up where I would need steps to get at them. I hope I haven't pruned it too hard. I noticed some of the pruned bits were bleeding.

Am wondering whether to put in a couple of extra posts and make a sort of rough pergola for the grape vine, as a lean-to on the shed. I like the idea of walking right in and grapes hanging down. But what if they decided to go up instead, then they'd be a right pain to get at?

The pergola idea would also be quite good for preventing the slate paving from getting too hot. When I put in that slate paving, I didn't appreciate that slate in direct sunlight gets hot enough to burn a bare foot!

I hope last years Mildew Incident will not be repeated. Possibly I should defer the Pergola Decision until I know if the mildew is likely to be ongoing, as a pergola would reduce the airflow and potentially make the mildew worse.

I wonder if the vine leaves they use for cooking are just normal ones off grape vines, or are they Something Different?
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