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The grape vine

I have pruned it. I'm pretty sure it's completely the wrong time of year for that, but it's started to get flower buds in the straggly bits on top, and I could see if I left it another week or so it would have all its grapes up where I would need steps to get at them. I hope I haven't pruned it too hard. I noticed some of the pruned bits were bleeding.

Am wondering whether to put in a couple of extra posts and make a sort of rough pergola for the grape vine, as a lean-to on the shed. I like the idea of walking right in and grapes hanging down. But what if they decided to go up instead, then they'd be a right pain to get at?

The pergola idea would also be quite good for preventing the slate paving from getting too hot. When I put in that slate paving, I didn't appreciate that slate in direct sunlight gets hot enough to burn a bare foot!

I hope last years Mildew Incident will not be repeated. Possibly I should defer the Pergola Decision until I know if the mildew is likely to be ongoing, as a pergola would reduce the airflow and potentially make the mildew worse.

I wonder if the vine leaves they use for cooking are just normal ones off grape vines, or are they Something Different?



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21st May, 2008 20:34 (UTC)
They are normal ones off grape vines, but usually fairly young and new.

We use the ones from ours.
22nd May, 2008 09:34 (UTC)
Thank you. I must look out some recipes.
22nd May, 2008 10:47 (UTC)
Mmmm dolmades :-)

If you find they are a bit hard to wrap around stuff, just blanch them first and they'll go more floppy.

I don't think pruning it now will do it a lot of harm. Bacchus pruned my Mum's one in mid April and has instructed her to thin out the bunches as they appear to leave 2 to 3 per spur, as it's only a young vine. She's training hers to go along and not up, thanks to his instructions too. I'm sure he'd be only to happy to share his wisdom with you in September - he has promised he's free to come along :-)
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