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We've BEEEN to cymbelEEEEN! (but we didn't see Mr Spoon)

We had a lovely time saving the galaxy this weekend. This involved eating and drinking a great deal, flooping around the living room, with occasional pauses to admire the hot air balloons going up across the valley, and the great blue dragonfly circling our little pond, and in the case of skordh, making a series of increasingly farfetched puns.  I wandered in and out to walk the dog, but I don't think I missed anything critical,
and Mollydog got to show off her speedy zooming to the more adventurous members of the party who joined us on Kitt  Hill. 

In preparation for the event, Polo went out and bought a truly epic quantity of ham (most of it still in the fridge, drat, because I don't like ham and he's gone away for the rest of the week) and I FINALLY got round to planing the bottom of the downstairs loo door so that it opens properly  (it had started to stick after we had the new flooring in there).  Now I feel all smug every time I open that door.

Sim ICQ performed erratically on the laptop for some reason I still don't understand, but we managed to make it (sort of) work (it was allowing Polo, as GM, to impersonate an artificial intelligence.)

Bacchus noted that the grape vine was just on the point of veraison, and we wondered if that was later than last year - can't remember, but with a bit of luck next year I shall be able to use this record to check.

Kjetil was the official cat roleplayer, but let the side down rather by sleeping most of the time in his box.  At least this made him easily portable.  All the cats had a great time as usual (with the possible exception of Java, who I think finds it a bit loud when there are lots of people about).   Mollydog also coped well with the sudden influx of people (we'd thought of putting her into boarding for the weekend) and didn't even steal anything other than a few crumbs.  She had a great time with so many people about to rub her tummy and her ears.

I failed to carry out my character's main objective, (to find her lost love) but hey, she is young - I am sure she will get over it.  ;-)

This evening I got out the hedgetrimmer to start work on the endless bloody Hedge of Doom.  I looked at the hedge.  The hedge looked at me (through many eyes, some on stalks, probably).  Then I put the hedgetrimmer away and went back and called a hedging man.  He is coming to have a look on Thursday, and with a bit of luck I can afford to get him to do the damn thing and can concentrate on more interesting forms of gardening instead.  Of course, if I can't afford it I have merely postponed the dreadful day, but even that feels good!
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