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Happy Mayday

Up till 2:30am struggling to fix something that I broke through sheer idiocy because I was stupidly working tired at 11pm, then absolutely had to stay up and fix as it's probably the busiest site I manage and loses a pile of money if it's down during the day. Got up this morning because the Mollydog was yodelling outside the bedroom door, then happy Bengals leapt on me when I was holding a full tin of cat food, and covered me in tuna. Yelled and flung Bungles in all directions. Felt bad about flinging Bungles (not that it bothered them for more than about half a second... ) And it's raining.

But now I am going to go out and make an effort to appreciate :
"The world on the first of May
Shining after the rain"

I may go back to bed afterwards though.

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