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State of the Garden

Here are some pics of my garden this morning. Tidy people may want to go away at this point, or at least sit down with a nice cup of tea ready to do some intense tutting. My inlaws don't get my gardening approach (basically, lots of weeds/wildflowers, wild and woolly) at all, it makes me laugh when they come round and try desperately to think of nice positive things to say, while clearly looking rather horrified. They are so terribly tidy!

Mollydog inspects a fine growth of nettles. I don't mind the nettles but I shall have to cut these back soon because they are exceeding their allotted space. That balcony in the background isn't mine, it's the neighbours. It's quite nice but not really my sort of thing. In the foreground is my cherry tree which I think is now 4 years old: we had 4 cherries for the first time last year, fingers crossed for more this year! In the background, a raised Cornish hedge which I lay from time to time. It's looking quite organised at the moment as I laid it last year.

Rhubarb is doing well, but I really must cut the grass. It's hard to do at the moment though because of all the cowslips and bluebells coming up through it. I need to sort out those raspberry canes in the background.

Az, wondering how to even start trashing a garden this disorganised. In the foreground a mighty pile of stuff that we really must burn fairly soon. This area has just been planted up with piles of snowdrops in the green, so should look lovely in early spring next year. I've got some ferns to plant here too.

A snake's head fritillary! I'm really pleased with this. We planted a bag of bulbs into the grass when we moved in, but only one grew (fritillaries don't transplant too well). Only this year there are 2 of them! It's had a baby! Fingers crossed there will be more next year.

This is our wooded area - once upon a time it was probably an area with a single plum tree. Then the plum tree went mad and tried to take over the world. I beat it back from time to time, but I quite like it as long as it stays put. That's a beech hedge just coming into leaf at the back there. I got the ramsons in the foreground in a plant swap, and they have done really well and spread enthusiastically. They are a bit garlicky, but such pretty flowers.

Lovely new steps. They are made of railway sleepers. That's a hellibore on the right, and on the left is a vast bush of false box (lonicera nitida) which clips into quite a neat ball shape. I have actually clipped it recently, so it's all neat. Well, that's one thing that is.

I think this is the first year that this small crabapple has really flowered well. I've taken out a lot of the things that were behind it, so it gets more sun. That thing hanging in the tree is a solar powered light. That tall dark tree is a Crinodendron hookerianum: it's kind of a weird shape for Crinodendron, but I quite like it, it makes me think of olive trees. It will have huge bell shaped red flowers later on in the year. That pink azalea behind the apple tree is probably going to be removed and replaced with a yellow one, as I don't really care for pink azaleas.

Patio and chairs. Yes, I know it's a bit overgrown. That's how I like it. There are more solar lights along the back wall, and most of that foliage around the chairs is a blue trailing campanula. It looks sensational when it's in flower.

The nice thing about this informal hedge is that there is always something flowering in it. At the moment it's the berberis and camellia on the left. I've just had about 5 feet taken off the top of it, as it does have somewhat megalomaniac tendencies.

Yama, probably making some sort of rude comment about how the grass needs a cut.

This lunchtime I dug a trench (ow the soil was stony) and planted the first 7 of my copper beech hedge. I hope they don't mind being moved from their 'heeled in' position, they aren't leafed up yet, so fingers crossed.

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