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St George & local telly

There is a big feature on our local TV news about St George's Day, with a special report from Holsworthy. The essence of the report would gladden ladyofastolat's heart, as it basically went: 'what are we doing, why don't we celebrate this more, how come everyone celebrates St Patricks' day, here's what's on this year, let's make more of an effort next year'.

I deduce that there has been even less news than usual, as we also have an extended version of the 'digital photos from our viewers' feature, and an interminable story about a Dartmoor fiddler who has been on an exchange visit with some urban rappers.

A reprise of the famous 'goose that fell in love with a watering can' story cannot be far off, I must try and think if there are any Oldies Club stories I could try and get them to cover since they are clearly short of material.

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