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Philmophlegm heroically drove to Bristol yesterday to take Joop bunny to the rabbit specialist clinic. The specialist (seemed very good and thorough) thinks Joop has not one but two problems

1) the ear abcess
2) possible neurological damage due to e. cuniculi infection (this is the thing that Ash has but I really thought Joop had escaped this). Symptoms are head tilt, stuff picked up by x-ray and apparently he ran into a cupboard, (though actually I think this may have been panic in an unfamiliar environment as he can get around his own house and run well enough).

X rays were taken and we are now waiting on the results of a battery of tests (total cost: £445, ouch, though not as ouch as it will be if he needs to have the abcess operated on).

In the meanwhile, I have just administered:
- panacur by mouth (against e.cuniculi)
- metacam (pain relief)
- antibiotic by mouth (baytril)
- washed out ear with cleaning stuff, remove revolting pus, lovely.
- antibiotic by ear (genticin)
- something called zantac, which is something to do with digestion as apparently his stomach seemed a bit swollen

I think most of it went inside the rabbit, though some of it is smeared over both of us...

Joop now thinks I am very mean and scary.

Conclusion: anyone out there thinks rabbits are cheap simple pets for kids: think again!

In more optimistic news, Ash bunny is looking loads better and although she is still underweight, she is eating like a little piggy and her back legs are nearly normal. I think she will need to have a daily dose of Panacur for the rest of her life, but that is at least looking like it will be a good few years, with luck.
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