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Broken pet update

Broken pet count:

1) Joop Bunny. Joop has an abcess in his ear. Ivybridge vet felt that treatment recommended by Callington vet was generally appropriate, but added a painkiller (Metacam) to dose of Baytril (by mouth) and Genticin (by ear). Prognosis is not good. Ear full of pus again on Friday. Face still distorted. Spots in ear are clearing up, but he seems less active than normal and a bit wobbly.

Requested a referral to the specialist Rabbit Clinic in Bristol, I think that is his best chance. Pp nobly volunteered to drive him up on Weds. Ivybridge vet flabbergasted and delighted to have a client who is prepared to pay for this. "Usually they just say they will buy a new rabbit, it will be cheaper" he said "Which is rather awful". Think I agree.

It will still cost a lot less than if I'd bought rabbit insurance for all my bunnies over the years, so on balance, I'm still ahead!

2) Yama Bengal. Yama seems to have a cold /flu. Drooping round house looking utterly pathetic. Nose blocked, moving awkwardly, generally looks achy and unhappy. Wee'd on Mollydog's raincoat, which had foolishly been left on floor.

Outcome: as yet uncertain. Possible vet on Monday.

3) Az blue lurcher thing. Az refused to eat for 2 days, vomited a number of times (including once, alarmingly, bright red with blood) until there was just water coming out both ends. Emergency vet (commendably patient by telephone at midnight) thought he had probably picked up something horrible and eaten it, then broken a blood vessel through over-enthusiastic vomiting.

Vomity dog beds cleaned : 5, one twice. Realise that failing to order a new carpet washer straight away when the old one died was a strategic mistake. Order new carpet washer.

Outcome: good, Az managed to eat some boiled egg yesterday, pretty much back to normal today.

4) Henning Hairy Bear Cat. Discovered today that some tiny injury to his chest had become infected and the fur had balled up and made a sort of icky knot-scab. Trimmed fur from chest, removed horrible sticky hairy scab, cleaned wound. Wound still producing pus, but at least it's open and clean now.

Outcome: uncertain. He's not in any great pain and the wound is fairly small, but I think he probably needs an antibiotic. Feeling very guilty about not having spotted this earlier. Vet Monday, probably. unless it looks worse tomorrow.

5) Ash Loppy Bunny. Ash still rather wobbly and thin due to her e. cuniculi infection, but condition has improved considerably since re-starting her on Panacur, and I really think she is putting on weight. Feeding twice a day, lots of apple, carrot, pear etc, but she is now eating the rabbit food too. Very very pleased about this.

Healthy animals:

1) Mollydog. Well, as long as you don't count her bad leg, which is actually doing really well at the moment, she's not limping much at all and is enjoying her running.

2) Footie Mog. Seems to be in excellent fettle right now: no doubt his usual spring skin allergy will flare up sometime soon, but currently fine.

3) Perl Mog. A bit on the podgy side, but otherwise 100%. Yay for Scouse streetcats!

4) Suma Bengal. No known problems with Suma, apart from his heart murmur.

5) Kjetil Hairy Bear. In superb condition, no issues. Result! (touch wood).

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