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Sunday doings & homecheck

Just a quick note before I forget that Sunday was a glorious sunny day: we drove down to St Austell and had a walk at Par Sands. It was packed with dogs and had very sparkly sand, though the Western end was rather spoilt by the enormous dock buildings, including one that made a very annoying whining noise.

The cafe there is on the edge of a caravan park, and was very much 'Old Cornwall' - cheap sausages and chips, fading paint, brass souvenirs and practically no choice of food because 'there's nobody about' - clearly untrue, there were lots of people about, but most of them not sufficiently hungry to eat cheap greasy food, poorly advertised, in a rather dingy location. Obviously the whole 'cornish food' phenomenon had passed them by. They did good ice cream though.

Then we went and did a homecheck for Wiccaweys - checking out someone who was looking for a young collie and making sure she would be a suitable home, not planning to sell the dog for animal experimentation, or feed it Bakers Complete dogfood (both explicitly forbidden by the adoption agreement!)

The hounds pretended to be collies, rather unsuccessfully. Sadly, her fencing was not up to scratch: I hope she will get it fixed and continue with the adoption, because otherwise it was a great home, she was planning to do agility and obedience and all sorts, was recently retired and wanting to do a lot of walking.

I felt a bit guilty because we passed homechecks for both of our dogs, even though our hedges are not exactly impenetrable either, particularly at the back. Though we are a bit further from busy roads and don't back onto a lane. And my dogs are sedate and sedentary, not loony collie whirlwinds.
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