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Perranporth beach photos

It's a great beach for dogs and walking (out of season, anyway, I suspect it's a bit busy at the height of summer, though it is ginormous so can probably sog up a fair few people).

Yay, we are at the beach! Zoom zoom zoom! (notice that beach cafe in the background with the big green and white sun screens)

Mollydog shows Az how to levitate

Beachcombing (it's not only exotic foreign places that are overrun with plastic waste, sadly)

You know I said it was ginormous? This is just one end! We walked back over the dunes.

Az enjoying the dunes in a gormless manner.

One Man (philmophlegm) and the Dog who would Like to be His.

Here is Az at that beach cafe from the first pic. He isn't on the lead. He could just run about on the beach if he wanted. There are no walls or noises or traffic, and there are several other dogs about digging in the sand and having a great time. Yet there he is under the table shaking. Obviously there is something very scary about sitting at a table waiting for food. He did manage to eat half a hamburger though so he was obviously not too terrified.

Mollydog, not bovvered (she is on the lead, obviously, or she would be out there nicking everyone's sandwiches. Mollydog loves food, and the only thing better than food is stolen food!)

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