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Talk to the Paw



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29th Mar, 2008 23:26 (UTC)
There is a magnificent cat, who has a bit of the Cowardly Lion of The Wizard of Oz about him.
30th Mar, 2008 20:39 (UTC)
Ooooooooooooooooh- magnificent!

Are you in the middle of the dreaded spring moult as well?
30th Mar, 2008 20:56 (UTC)
Oh yes. His beard is even fuller than that in midwinter, I've already combed out piles of it and put it out for the birds. And we have big grey blobs all over the carpet, and I was wearing a black tshirt today that I realised, about lunchtime, was really more fur-effect...
1st Apr, 2008 11:14 (UTC)
I find it highly amusing that the fur on the neck goes before that on the chest so now Mikka looks as though he's been to the barbers to have the fur on his throat cut, but forgot to get them to do the rest.

Magnus just looks a bit moth eaten.

(looks hurriedly around room to see if His Imperial Fluffiness can see what I'm typing about him)
30th Mar, 2008 20:57 (UTC)
This is just such an excellent imperious expression. The snooty impression is, of course, totally ruined by the fact that I've seen him sprawling on his back with his legs going every which way, relaxing into the joy that is a tummy tickle.
30th Mar, 2008 22:25 (UTC)
Even emperors can enjoy a tummy tickle! ;-p
31st Mar, 2008 12:57 (UTC)
Oh Henning is just gorgeous! That is such a good photo of him, it captures how I think he'd always like to come across perfectly :-)

It also reminds me I was going to teach my cats to 'high five' :-D
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