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Orchids and rabbit

The Miltonia orchid has come into flower again! Excellent work when you think I wasn't sure if I would ever get it to rebloom.

Only one of the phalenopsis orchids is flowering though, I wonder if they need potting on? I wonder how you are supposed to pot them on, given that they have sort of climbed out of their pots and run roots everywhere on the outside of them! The Miltonia behaves more like a normal pot plant and keeps its roots inside where they can be more easily watered. Must try and mist and feed the Phals more often, I think they need building up as all their resources seem to be going to endless roots at the moment.

This morning Mollydog found a rabbit by the road. It was just sitting there looking depressed. It wasn't obviously myxomatosed, though its eyes were closed, they didn't have that swollen puffy look.

I was terribly sensible - there I was with 2 hounds in hand, and picking it up would have been risky from the point of view of potentially picking up some bug that I might hand on to my own bunnies, so I went on my way and left it there.

It was still sitting in roughly the same place on my way back - though a car had been past, and it looked like it had panicked and tried to get back up the bank, but not been able to manage it.

So I threw common sense to the wind, attached the hounds leads to a stick in the hedge, and told them to STAY. Which they did. Good dogs!

Then I picked up the bunny and popped him on top of the bank to see what he would do. He was able to hop away into the field, so I reckoned he could take his chance. Probably he will die shortly: he was pretty thin, and must have been exhausted or he wouldn't have let me touch him. At least he has a chance to die quiet sitting in the grass in the sun. Possibly I should have killed him, but I didn't feel confident to do it quickly, and it wasn't definitely Myxi - I think there is some chance that he'd had some encounter with a predator and was just exhausted.


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27th Mar, 2008 10:48 (UTC)
I think you're very sensible in not killing it if you're not sure you could do so quickly.
27th Mar, 2008 10:55 (UTC)
It's one of those things where I know the theory and have seen it done, but have never actually had to do it. That line is a tough one to cross when it comes to the welfare of a living animal.
27th Mar, 2008 10:57 (UTC)
As you say. *nods*
28th Mar, 2008 22:35 (UTC)
Well done, that was a tough call given you have bunnies of your own, but it may also have just been freaked out by an earlier car.
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