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Sun rain sleet...

Today we have wind sun rain sleet hail - all of them while I was walking the hounds this morning, so we all got very wet, even though we'd gone to a thick conifer woodland in the hope of finding some cover. On the plus side, the snowdrops and beeches will be well watered in.

I really should get on with clearing the greenhouse, which would be dry, mulching the beds with our large quantity of surplus compost (2 flavours:worm compost and garden compost: we have surplus of both) and planting salads - but I am too lazy.

I read somewhere that gardening is 'in' at the moment. When I first started gardening 'on my own' - ie, independently of helping out with the family garden - it was pretty much something that only old people did. I went to garden centres and was usually the youngest person present by a minimum of 10 years. Then Ground Force came along, and gardening became trendy, for a while. Then it wasn't. Now, apparently, it is 'in', and not only is gardening trendy, the 'latest' is the sort of gardening that I do: ie, mostly organic, lots of native plants and easy food plants, no peat. Hum.

It's almost enough to make me want to make a lawn monoculture with that hideous substance, 'Weed N Feed' and put in some nice annual bedding. But not quite.

Also, apple crumble is enhanced by adding lemon zest and juice. I think by next week we may have enough rhubarb showing for a crumble of that too, but I think rhubarb is tart enough without citrus.
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