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Yesterday, my mother came to visit and we planted 1000 snowdrops (I'm so glad that wasn't just me!) Today, philmophlegm and I put the copper beech hedge into trenches (ready to be moved on once the ground is ready for them). I hope they will be OK with a double move and we don't have to leave them long enough that it will be hard to dig them up again. I did think about putting them into pots, but I don't have 50 pots that size just lying around!

It seems like it should be too cold for this sort of thing, but luckily although the wind is raging over the top of the hill, it goes blasting over and straight out, missing our garden, tucked under the side of the hill, almost entirely. It was surprisingly warm and still, despite the wind noise. At one point we got a scatter of snow, out of a clear blue sky.
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