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Garden update

I have ordered 50 3-4 foot copper beech saplings, to clothe the new chainlink fence I'm having put up along the lane. I know it will look a bit awful for a while, but eventually it will be a solid dogproof barrier, and you won't see the chainlink inside the hedge.

I think 50 will be rather too many for the space, but I'm assuming there will be a few manky ones in a cheapo job lot, and there are a couple of other spots I could use them.

I chose beech because: no thorns, easy to keep under control, can be cut hard back if necessary, and it holds its dead leaves over the winter, so it's a proper screen all year round. I was going to go for green beech originally, as I like the colour of the young leaves in spring better and they fit in more naturally with the existing hedges, but this seemed like a particularly good offer, and philmophlegm fancied copper. And it will be pretty.

Based on the one copper beech in the front hedge, they will be slightly less fast-growing than the green variety, which is a good reason to buy 3-4foot saplings rather than diddy ones.

My snowdrops still are not here :grump:. I have enquired and am assured they should be with me next week though. I hope the bulbs are in good order.

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