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The joy of spam

My spam volume has dropped off a little lately, so I am better able to enjoy it.

Today, for example, I have received an invitation to upsize my babymaker (what a delightful, if somewhat single-perspective term). Another euphemism I particularly like is 'rooster-challenged'. I also got an offer of 'Strength, smoothness and shine'. SHINE? Really? (and, no, it wasn't a shampoo ad.)

I have also been told that a tiny dimension is my hidden shame, which suggests that I must have been inadvertently doing something terrible in a pocket universe.

On Friday I had to phone a client to advise him not to refer to rabbits in his Easter newsletter headline. He uses a spam filter, and I was pretty sure that if I emailled him to explain why rabbit-related subject lines tend to get lost in filters, then my own warning email would never reach him.

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