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Fig Fig Fig! & Dog & Egg. Oh, & book.

I fear my entries in this journal are a sad mishmash. Ah well.

The fig tree has achieved ripeness! I've now had 3 decent fruit off it: the last one was the sweetest, having turned more brown than the other two, but all three were very edible and with a lovely deep red centre. There are 10 nearly-ripe fruit left, plus a bunch of smaller ones. It's only mid-Aug, so I'm going to leave the tiddlers and see if they ripen later in the summer. There would have been more but I had to prune it back as it was getting too thick and spilling over the path.

The satisfaction of getting ripe figs off a '£1 label fell off' plant special is brilliant!

The grapevine is absolutely groaning with young green grapes, though I note there are some blackened fruits and I saw the odd bit of fungus when it was damper last week. I think I should probably have thinned the fruit more than I did. A combination of removing the affected fruits and the warmer drier weather seems to have stopped that from doing any real damage though.

Even though the poor physalis pubescens in the greenhouse really needs more watering than I've given it, it is fruiting up nobly, and I have had a couple of nice bowlfuls of fruit. At least if I keep it really dry in there it seems to prevent the mould problems I had last year.

The upper garden, however, is a wilderness, and if I don't manage to get a new lawnmower this weekend the rest could be joining it shortly. I didn't plant out those pumpkins early enough: I'm sure they aren't going to be big enough to fruit. Drattitude. Fruiting shrubs and climbers are much less effort than annuals, even if pumpkins are kind of fun.

I have more apples than my Mum's trees, but it's still a pretty crappy apple year this year - not like the last two. Late frost in May: what a bummer.

Mollydog knows how to eat eggs! I came across a site that suggested a raw egg from time to time was a good treat. I thought she'd splash it everywhere so I took her out on the lawn - but no, she took it from me and held it carefully in her mouth, then put it down and held it in her paws while she nibbled a hole in one end so she could carefully tip the white out and lap it up, before taking more shell off and sticking her tongue in to get the yolk. Very expert, though still not something to try on the carpet, I feel.

I really got into the "A Song of Ice and Fire books, but alas, now I've finished the last one published. Woe. I'm baffled by the first two volumes being 'books' and the last two being two volumes of a single book. So far as I could tell they were all one really really BIG book, and one that he hasn't finished yet. I see the next one is out in October, so am faced with that tricky 'buy in hardback, or wait' question (I prefer paperbacks).

I liked all the Wars of the Roses characters - King Robert is definitely Edward IV, and the Lannisters are very Woodville, specially Jaime, when they first appear. Tirion has definitely got a spice of Richard III in him too. I bet Martin has a soft spot for Richard.

The story is moving towards fantasy and away from history in the last (book? volume?), so it will be interesting to see how that side of things moves on. I am sure there is going to be a Rickon pretender at some point, and I would like to know more about the Arya pretender too!
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